WinZent’s blazingly fast technology

WinZent’s blazingly fast technology

WinZent’s software has a footprint small enough to execute in the cache memory which is 1500 times faster than the DRAM memory extensively used by other firmare and general purpose OS, such as Linux, OSX and Windows.

Current operating systems generally share the run time libraries in DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) to reduce memory requirements. Our run time libraries are small enough to be static, and they only include the functions actually used by the applications.

Compilers are agnostic to the sequential flow of the program. Only parts of the compiled code are optimized. Register values in the compiled code are reloaded unnecessarily. Code sections in the compiled code are duplicated. WinZent’s core software is completely optimized and written in Assembly and therefore avoids these inefficiencies.

Why speeding up the OS speeds up the system

The kernel in the operating system is the heart of the computer. Even though our heart is small compared to the size of our entire body, it is crucial for our physical performance. Similar to the body, the operating system is small compared to all the software in a computer, but it is crucial for the efficiency of the entire system. Unlike most other operating systems, Winzent’s wIOS is not based on heritage from UNIX, which was designed before the advent of Internet and colour graphics in the end of the 1960’s. It was built from scratch to be blazingly fast with inherent real-time capabilities.