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WinZent Technologies develops and markets products and solutions where our software implementation principles provide devices with a paradigm shifting leap in performance. Our solutions focus on processing speed of devices with wIOS (WinZent Instant OS), our customized kernel, and boot time with wION (WinZent Instant ON), our customized firmware. WinZent was founded in 2013 to commercialize the learnings of more than 30 years of device development using optimized software.

The basis for the dramatic improvements in performance is extremely efficient software written directly in hardware-centric Assembly language. The main source of speed comes from the software being so compact it executes using the fastest memory in the computer, i.e. the CPU cache. Our experience covers commercial deployment of ATM systems, intelligent torpedo systems, stock exchange information systems, and multimedia systems. Common for these implementations were stringent requirements on speed and predictable performance, which necessitated harmonizing the firmware and the operating system.

wION is characterized by sub-second boot time, a 64kB footprint, and full support for legacy operating systems up to Windows 10. It includes a full system management tool, a real time operating system, and can easily be customized by the customer with additional functions or features. wIOS is characterized by its deterministic real-time capabilities and full support for multi-core and parallel processing.

WinZent Technologies AB is headquartered in Stockholm in Sweden.

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